Robert Roldan
S7 Robert Roldan
Season Season 7
Birthday July 21, 1990
Age 30
Hometown Thousand Oaks, California
So You Think You Can Dance Profile
Dance style Contemporary
Placement 3rd Place
All-Star Profile
Robert Roldan (born November 21, 1991) is a Contemporary dancer. He competed during the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance and placed 3rd behind Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd.


Robert took his first Hip-Hop class at age 11. After graduating from high school, he performed with the "Bad Boys of Dance" for a year and a half in Maryland. But, he has lived in Thousand Oaks, California his whole life. In addition to dance, he enjoys singing, acting and fashion.

So You Think You Can DanceEdit

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After SYTYCD, he was an all star on season 8 of the show. In summer 2012, he suffered a major accident that left him unable to compete as an all star in season 9 of the show. To this day he continues to express how grateful he is for a second chance in life. He made his dancing debut after the accident in season 10 of SYTYCD with a dance with Tucker Knox, who also suffered a car accident which left him paralyzed and was told he would never dance again. He also returned for season 11 and season 12 of SYTYCD as an All-Star. He danced alongside season 12's winner Gaby Diaz in the finale in a contemporary number choreographed by Mandy Moore called Angel.

In 2016, he competed alongside J.T. Church as his All-Star mentor on season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. Their dance The Mirror choreographed by Travis Wall has received nearly 17 million views on Facebook. And their Stand in the light dance choreographed by Mandy Moore has been viewed over 2 million times. Roldan was also an All-Star on Season 14 of SYTYCD.

Besides SYTYCD, he has been in Glee: "Motive and Grace" as a dancer. In 2015, he landed a main acting and dancing role in the film Breaking Through. He has toured with dance makers inc and been in Sheena Grobb's music video for Get Out Alive alongside Kathryn McCormick. In 2016, he also performed alongside some of his SYTYCD alumni at the Billboard Music Awards for P!nk's set list.





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