All of Cyrus Spencer's performances from So You Think You Can Dance.
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Season 9Edit


Stage Music Style Result
Week 6 "Existence" (VIP)
Excision & Downlink
Animation Safe
Week 7 "Harem"
Sarah Brightman
Animation Safe
Week 8 "Holy Ghost"
(Helicopter Showdown & Sluggo Remix)
Animation -

Couples DanceEdit

Stage Routine Dance Style Choreographer(s) Partner Result
Week 1 "Run and Tell That"
(Original Broadway Cast)
Broadway Tyce Diorio Eliana Girard Safe
Week 2 "I'm Shakin'"
Jack White
Jive Tony Meredith
Melanie LaPatin
Eliana Girard Safe
Week 3 "Toxic"
District 78 ft. Cheesa
Hip-Hop Nappytabs Eliana Girard Safe
Week 4 "Mercy"
Contemporary Mia Michaels Eliana Girard Safe
Week 5 "Outro"
Contemporary Travis Wall Jaimie Goodwin Safe
Week 6 "Badder Badded Schwing"
Freddy Fresh ft. Fatboy Slim
Jazz Mandy Moore Melanie Moore Safe
Week 7 "Cinema" (Skillex remix)
Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go
Dubstep Christopher Scott Comfort Fedoke Up for Elimination
"Treat Me Rough" (Girl Crazy)
Debbie Gravite
Broadway Spencer Liff Tiffany Maher
Week 8 "The Game Has Changed"
Daft Punk
Paso Doble Jason Gilkison Eliana Girard -
"Best Thing I Never Had"
Lyrical Hip-Hop Tessandra Chavez Tiffany Maher
"Fangs" (District 78 remix)
Little Red Lung
Jazz Sonya Tayeh Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
"Like a Criminal"
District 78
Animation Christopher Scott Stephen "tWitch" Boss
Week 9: Finale "Eli, Eli" (A Walk to Caseara)
Sophie Milman
Contemporary Tyce Diorio Kathryn McCormick Runner-Up
"Breaking Below Surface"
Jesse Cook
Argentine Tango Miriam Larici &
Leonardo Barrionuevo
Anya Garnis

Group DancesEdit

Stage Dancers Routine Dance Style Choreographer(s)
Meet the Top 20 Showcase "Resolve"
Nathan Lanier
Martial Arts, Stepping,
Christopher Scott
Top 10 Guys "Precognition"
(Steed Lord Machine Mix)
Steed Lord
Jazz Sonya Tayeh
Top 20 "Eyes" (Coachella Live 2012 version)
Contemporary Mia Michaels
Week 1 Top 20 "Architect of the Mind"
Kerry Muzzey
Modern Christopher Scott
Week 2 Top 20 "The Beautiful People"
(District 78 remix)
Marilyn Manson
Jazz Nappytabs
Week 3 Top 16 "The Here and After"
Jun Miyake
Contemporary Tyce Diorio
Week 4 Top 14 "Hanging On"
Active Child
Contemporary Mia Michaels
Week 5 Top 10 "The Cool World Stomp"
Mark Isham
Broadway Tyce Diorio
Week 6 Top 8 "Run Boy Run"
Contemporary Peter Chu
Week 7 Top 6 "Scream"
Jazz Sonya Tayeh
Week 8 Top 4 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
(District 78 remix)
KPM Studio Arts
Broadway Tyce Diorio
Week 9: Finale Top 20 "Torn"
Nathan Lanier
Sonya Tayeh &
Christopher Scott
"Holy Ghost
(Helicopter Showdown and Sluggo Remix)"
Animation Christopher Scott
Top 10 with All-Stars "The Circle of Life/Nants Ingonyama
(District 78 Remix)"
The Lion King
Jazz/Hip-Hop Nappytabs

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