Cristina Santana
S7 Cristina Santana
Season Season 7
Birthday August 20, 1985
Age 33
Hometown San Diego, California
So You Think You Can Dance Profile
Age during Season 24
Dance style Salsa
Belly Dance
Placement 10th Place
All-Star Profile
Cristina Santana (born August 20, 1985) is a Salsa and Belly dancer. She competed during seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance and placed 10th in the competition.


Born in Mexicali, Mexico, Cristina started dancing at age 7 when a friend invited her to ballet class. Santana took up Salsa dancing six years ago after moving to the U.S. Santana enjoys singing, eating and listening to music, and counts Mikhail Baryshnikov as one of her favorite dancers.

So You Think You Can DanceEdit

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